China's Top Tier in Heilongjiang

2024/4/19 14:06:26

HARBIN, China, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Heilongjiang Province is named after the Heilong River that flows through it, where the first rays of sunrise in the country are seen. The province serves as China's ecological barrier, boasting forests that cover over 20 million hectares, nearly half of the land of Heilongjiang.

Within its borders lies the Five Connected Lakes, formed by volcanic eruptions that blocked the Bai River, creating five interconnected lakes. Jingpo Lake, the largest barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world, alongside vast forests and water bodies, provides a paradise for wildlife animals. Seberian tigers and sika deer are among its most notable inhabitants.

Heilongjiang's cuisine is diversified, including dishes such as mushroom chicken stew, iron pot goose stew, delicious barbecue, fragrant rice, and chewy sticky rice dumplings.

Have you finalized your travel plan for this year? If not, be sure to add Heilongjiang, China to your list, along with these four must-do activities!

Visit Dajing Mountain in Yichun to see the rime ice. From late October to early November each year, blizzards sweep over the mountains, coating the landscape in snow. Fog and snow casting a silvery sheen over the trunks and creating rime flowers on the branches, turning the forest into a fairy-tale world of silver.

Experience the stunning ice and snow in "Beiji Village" (Arctic Village). This quiet village is wrapped in a thick layer of snow, Walking through this village feels like stepping back in time to an untouched place. Here, you can witness the Northern Lights and capture many memorable photographs.

Watch ice waterfall diving at Jingpo Lake. Di Huanran, a record-holder in the Guinness Book of World Records for cliff diving, performs breathtaking dives from the icy waterfalls at Jingpo Lake into the unfrozen waters of Heilong Pool, plunging nearly 20 meters into the lake, creating a unique winter spectacle in Heilongjiang.

Experience the "Winter Majesty of tigers" at the Siberian Tiger Forest Park. This park is the world's largest artificial breeding and rewilding training base for Siberian tigers. Here, you can witness the "king of beasts" sprinting across the vast snowy forests and feel the comfort of groups of Siberian tigers lying in the snow, sharing their moments in a relaxed setting.

Should you have the opportunity, be sure to visit Heilongjiang Province. With its romantic snowflakes, friendly people, and everything you can dream of for a wonderful trip, it is a place where all your travel fantasies can come true. Welcome to Heilongjiang Province, China!